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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Week of 7/3/11 Update

I'd like to Start by saying happy 4th of July to everyone!
Last week was quite a workweek! Some very notable workouts took place especially during our lovely three day weekend! Saturday morning started out with a lovely 21 mile warmup from Oceano to Lake Lopez with a nice climb to finish warm-up. My coach and I get to the lake expecting to swim a mile to start the rest of  the workout! Unfortunately though the lake was as green as the hudson on St. Patrick's Day. So we skipped the swim and I started the bike part of workout with the coach. That's when the fun started! the temperature was climbing quick and reached the high 80's as I started my hill repeats on Hi mountain Road. Those were a lot of fun especially coming back down the road racing my coach to start the second round of the climb. that was very motivating. Following two rounds of repeats we rode into the Lake and headed out for a short and quick run. first ten minutes were race pace then the finish was a recovery jog! I had never cramped up so much in my life but it was also one of the most fun workouts of my life!

sunday the 3rd was quite awesome as well went for a recovery run and a open water swim with the Avila Dolphin's. I swam about 1.5 miles I need to send out some kudo's and thanks to Duke and Chad on teaching me some sighting skills.

on the 4th Coach Dave, the crew and I endured the St. Patricks day water for a nice 2000 yard swim working on sighting and not drinking in Water! That went really well and felt great. Then i met up with Duke for a 70 mile recovery ride from Arroyo Grande to Cayucos and back. Let me tell you it was one of the most beautiful rides I have done in my life. I started to cramp up on the way back but they let up and after playing frogger through pismo and Shell beach. We made it safe and averaged just over 17 for the ride! Good recovery in my opinion. This friday I head up to San Francisco for Regionals looking for a win!Stay tuned during the week for more

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