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Hello, My name is Casey Bateman. I am a professional triathlete on the Belize National Team. I am currently working on making the 2016 Olympic Team and the 2018 Commonwealth Games Team. I came from a swimming background in the USA and have since switched my focus to triathlon.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

2Toms Blister Shield and Sport Shield Product Revie

Medi-Dyne 2Toms Products for healthy Feet

Recently I had the opportunity to use the Medi-Dyne 2Toms product line of which includes the Sport Shield and Blister Shield products. If you are runner or triathlete these two products are a must have. As we know blisters are very common in running and especially triathlon where you constantly have soft and wet feet. These conditions often lead to very painful, gross and sometimes debilitating blisters on our feet. Ever since I have begun using the Sport Shield and Blister Shield products I have not gotten a new blister and my feet are healthy and happy!
2Toms Sport Shield Stick
2Toms Sport Shield Travel towelle

The Sport Shield comes in both a travel towelette and a sport stick. The sport stick is great it is a quick roll on non-stick substance for all areas of the body. I have so far used it under my arms for my tri-suit; on my feet when running and cycling; and as a chamois cream for long bike rides. It isn't noticeable and at first I was hesitant that it would not be a long lasting barrier; but it sustained during 2x2 hour workouts without need to re-apply. Removal is easy as well, after you are done working out or racing just rinse off with soap and water like most of us do after workout and the sport shield will be gone. As a professional triathlete I am constantly travelling the World for different races, having the towelette option available makes bringing skin comfort along easy. I would suggest bringing two towelettes for each workout you are planning to need skin protection as to make sure you are completely covered.

2Toms Blister Shield Bottle
2Toms Blister Shield Travel packets


The Blister shield also comes in a large bottle as well as a travel size companion. Before all of my workouts on the bike and run I make sure to put a little of the blister shield powder in each of my shoes. The blister shield again is unnoticeable even when I am training and racing sockless. The powder is scent free non-stick and works great when paired with the sport shield.

Since I have started using the 2Toms Sport Shield and Blister Shield products my feet have not been happier. I have no pain from blisters, no more bloody socks and shoes and no longer risk infection from cutting my feet up due to blisters in the shoes. I’m very happy to be working with Medi-Dyne and 2Toms this season and look forward to telling you all about the products that Medi-Dyne and 2Toms have available for all athletes! 

To Check Out more of the 2Toms and Medi-Dyne products make sure to click on the links below and see for yourself what they have to offer for you! 

Friday, May 2, 2014

2014 Bridgetown PATCO Sprint Pan America Cup Recap

Hello Everyone,

This past Sunday I started my triathlon season at the Bridgetown PATCO Sprint Continental Cup. The event took place in Bridgetown, Barbados.

I arrived in Barbados on Wednesday night only to find that my bike was still stuck in Miami, however it did arrive the next day. I was greeted by Ann, our host for the week, and she whisked us away to her house where she so graciously put us up in her lovely home.

Thursday I took time to get a short run in to help my body acclimate to the weather. It never ceases to amaze me how tough it can be to train and race in the humidity. Growing up I never had an opportunity to race or train in it and my body is still developing a feel for it. After resting the remainder of the morning Ann took us to pick up my bike as well as show us the race course for the first time. After checking out the course we cruised through the beautiful town of Bridgetown for a bit. The beaches are beautiful, the town square and parliament building are stunning, and the remainder of the Garrison surrounding it is simply beautiful and filled with history. I learned that the parliament building is the oldest parliament building in the entire Commonwealth and that Bridgetown had been an important trading and shipping route for many European countries throughout the years.

Barbados Olympic Aquatic Centre

On Friday we headed down early to the Barbados Aquatic Centre for an early morning swim and a shakeout on my bike. The pool facility was amazing and the staff was so generous by letting all the triathlete use the facilities. After the swim-bike workout we headed to one of the local beaches; I found a great shady spot to take a nap and enjoy the Caribbean Sea, as well as enjoy some local cuisine. Thank you Nikki for finding us some great food!

Saturday we headed down to swim at the race venue, as well as a short run on the run course. It was extremely hot so I made sure to stay cool and not push too much as this was only a familiarization. The swim course was so clear and beautiful that I saw hundreds of fish! After the familiarization we headed down to the pre-race meeting and home for an early night.

Race day quickly came and went. It started out very cool and quite pleasant when the women went off. I was struggling a little bit to keep my stomach calm, but I think it was just pre-race nerves because it was the first race of the year. As I was closer to the bottom of the start list I had one of the last choices for pontoon selection. The gun was off and the swim began. I made some poor decisions early on and ended up getting pulled out of the first pack. The swim was a fight for longer than usual and things didn't calm down until nearly 250 meters into the swim. I came in from the swim in the back and headed to transition with three other athletes. I came out of transition with one athlete and didn't commit fully to bridging the gap, which ended up being my next mistake. I bridged up to the next athlete but he was not willing to split the work and ended up holding onto me for dear life. My stomach at this point was angry with me and was no longer able to keep food down. After discarding the insides of my stomach I felt much better; I did my best to keep the fluids going in, but it was a tough struggle. Once out onto the run course I was starting to feel pretty strong. I dropped the athlete that was riding with me and was cutting into the remainder of the field. Unfortunately I did not commit at the key points of the race so I ran out of room to catch any remaining athletes in front of me. I finished the day in 20th with plenty of lessons learned. A quick congratulations needs to go out as well to Alexander Hinton of Canada, Tommy Zaferes of the USA and Manuel Huerta of Puerto Rico for rounding out the podium. Some great things to take from the event includes: commit to all the moves that look to be successful, and don’t be afraid to fail. The worst thing that will happen is you fail and learn something new in the process. I am really happy with how my run turned out, as well as how well I stayed hydrated and acclimated to the heat.

On Monday we had the opportunity to drive around the entirety of the island with our host and the race director, Christine. We got to see some historic places, such as the Caribbean’s largest and only working sugar windmill and the oldest college in Barbados, which was built in the 1630’s. We also got to see some wildlife including monkeys and various birds and to top it off we saw Rihanna’s private villa!

I want to thank the Barbados Triathlon Association for hosting yet another successful and enjoyable event. You guys truly put athletes first, which creates a world-class experience for us. Thank you Ann for opening up both your home and refrigerator to us. I learned so much about the country and saw first-hand how much of yourself you pour into the event! I am so grateful to have met you and look forward to keeping in touch with you! Thank you to my sponsors Carbon Lite Racing, the Belize National Triathlon association, and Hypercat Racing. I wouldn’t have made it here without you guys. Lastly I want to thank my family and friends for all of their support. My next race will be the PATCO Pan America Cup in Ixtapa, Mexico on May 24th.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Transition Year

Good Afternoon Everyone,

The start of my 2014 campaign begins in 17 days in Bridgetown, Barbados at the ITU Bridgetown PATCO Pan-American Cup. I'm very excited to make my return as I have been spending the past off-season refocusing my goals and becoming an all around better athlete.

This off-season has been a life enriching process with plenty of learning and new life experiences. I have taken a new respect to recovery and nutrition as well as daily monitoring of training. Jenny has made it a goal to change the way I eat and I believe it as in turn helped me perform better, recover faster and maintain a healthy racing weight. In the past this has always been difficult for me as I am known for eating an entire box of hot pockets and plenty of hot dogs. My new nutrition plan is focused on more greens, health fats, proteins and a slight variation in carbohydrate intake. Overall I feel lighter, stronger, and able to maintain my energy levels more consistently.

I have also spent a bit of time learning from Eric how to become a better professional. I have taken a deeper role in the feedback and R&D with my sponsors, as well as being the best ambassador that I can be.

The first race of the year will be taking place in Bridgetown, Barbados. The event will be a sprint distance race consisting of a 750 Meter ocean swim, 20K 4 lap bike, and a 5K 2 lap run. The focus for the event will be to ride safely and have a strong run to back up the bike. I have placed a heavy emphasis on my run this off-season so that I can be competitive off the bike, I look forward to getting an opportunity to see where I am early in the year.

As for the remainder of the year I will be racing a world cup in Ixtapa, Mexico in May, ITU Chicago, ITU Stockholm, ITU Edmonton and another world cup in Mexico. I'm looking into a few other races to sprinkle in on top of that, but will announce those as they become available.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Belize National Team

Hello Everyone,
 Sorry for not keeping up to date on the blog. I have been building a new website for myself and it has taken a little bit longer then I had expected. The new website is up though and I would greatly appreciate you taking a look at it the website is HTTP://www.caseybatemantri.com The site just went up this morning and has been a long road but has been a very fun challenge.

The big news for the year is that I am now going to be representing BELIZE for the remainder of my career as a triathlete. The move to Belize will be Mutually beneficial to both my career goals as well as the goals of the Country. I will get an opportunity to consistently race at the highest levels in triathlon which will give me the best chance at medaling in future Olympic games. For Belize I will have the opportunity to help develop the program from an athletes standpoint and will be able to become a leader and role model for youth and junior athletes who have been wanting to pursue triathlon. I am very excited about thus transition and look forward to the future of my career with the Belize National Team.

As for Sponsors this year I have signed with some new companies that I am very excited about!

 First off is Carbon Lite Racing, they are based out of San Francisco, CA. Carbon Lite Racing provides high quality race ready wheels at prices that don't dent your wallet. I am currently riding on the CLR-40's for training and Crit Racing. I also have a set of the CLR-38 Clinchers for my ITU races and hilly road races. Both sets of wheels spin up incredibly fast and do great in cross winds and unforeseen potholes.

Hypercat Racing- Hypercat racing will be providing me my coaching this season under the direction of USAT Lv.2 coach Rachel Sears Casanta. Rachel is a former professional triathlete and duathlete. Phil Casanta will be setting me up on the Retul bike fitting in the next few weeks to set me in my optimal bike position. I will be writing a blog about this shortly, I would highly suggest you give it a try. They are based out of Ventura, California.

As for racing my next race will be on April 27th,2014. I will be heading down to Bridgetown, Barbados for my 2014 season opener. I am looking forward to the racing this season and will be making some major step ups to get closer to my season goals.

Thank you for stopping by! Come Back Soon!