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Hello, My name is Casey Bateman. I am a professional triathlete on the Belize National Team. I am currently working on making the 2016 Olympic Team and the 2018 Commonwealth Games Team. I came from a swimming background in the USA and have since switched my focus to triathlon.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

week of 7/17/11 update

Hey everyone,
 Hope you guys had a great week! I sure did. Lots to tell you about this weeks too! This past week I went down to lovely San Diego, California for a 3 day training camp and man was it beautiful! I took the train down on thursday where I met up with some of my best Friends with of whom I would be rooming at over the next few days. After gettting settled in and going for a nice easy ride, we headed to the go-cart track for some fun, my competiveness prevailed and I was the fastest among my friends and 5th fastest of the day. Friday I set out early for a time trial speed workout on the bike. I tried to make it out to the beach but got very lost and never found it haha. Later that day I headed to La Jolla Cove for a open water swim from the cove to a beach a little over a mile away. That was very awesome. we ended up going to and from the beach and cove,  being somewhere between 2-3 miles round trip. During the swim we saw so much wildlife it was amazing i have never seen so much in the ocean at once. In the cove where we swam to and from there were thousands of fish many different types as well. In the middle of the kelp forest we swam through there was another school of fish that had to number in the thousands. I also caught a glimpse of a ray and the largest jelly fish I had ever seen which was a bit scary it was probably a foot taller than I am. You could also hear the dolphins communicating back in forth between one another that was just awesome. I'm slowly letting up on my fear of the ocean swimming. Saturday was a good long bike practice that i actually got to the beach that time and today was my running time trial day which was fairly successful but my leg still has a nagging pain that we are trying to shake loose.

Race Updates- This weekend I will be racing in San Luis Obispo on the 24th of July with the very last start time of 1:00 P.M. this will be one of my last tune up races before heading to Burlington, Vermont on August 20th for the USA Triathlon Olympic Distance National Championships.Drop on by the Race at Sinsheimmer Park and  come suppor your local athletes including me as they train and race towards there many goals. Can't wait to see you all out there!


  1. Oooh, maybe Bobby and I can try to come see you race on Sunday! Good luck and I'm sure you will do awesome as always.

  2. You guys should definitly stop by i'm racing at 1