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Hello, My name is Casey Bateman. I am a professional triathlete on the Belize National Team. I am currently working on making the 2016 Olympic Team and the 2018 Commonwealth Games Team. I came from a swimming background in the USA and have since switched my focus to triathlon.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Week of 6/19/11 Update!

Hey Everyone!
This past week went very well The corneal abrasion is healing up very well and it looks like I can wear contacts again this week. Training has been going very well too, some of this weeks workouts include a bike run brick with my coach, a lot of long runs, and some tempo work on the track in which I'm seeing great improvements with and can't wait to apply it to my next race! I applied to be on my first amateur elite team this past weekend. Feel free to look them up and check out my biography. The team name is Team Endurance Films. I look forward to hearing back soon and will hopefully be put on there national team. I also would like to announce that I have brought in one more sponsor, H2Oaudio makers of waterproof mp3 cases to listen to music while working out of hanging out in the pool. I'm very glad to have them aboard and I am looking forward to working with them.

In racing news I have signed up for the International Distance at the San Francisco Triathlon at Treasure Island. This race is The USAT regional championships for the South Western United States and the top 1/3 of athletes in each age group have an opportunity to qualify for Nationals. I have already qualified for nationals and will be looking to add another podium to the resume while getting some experience before Nationals. That race will be taking place on July 9th 2011!! Stay tuned the rest of the week for more

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Sponsors!

How's it going everyone? I'm doing great today we are a little less then two months away from my very first National Championships in Burlington, Vermont! Training has been going great i unfortunately have been unable to swim because of the corneal abrasion, but I'm back in the pool now and am feeling great! Thanks to all f my readers who have been following i sincerely appreciate it! I have a pretty tough week of training remaining with a 2 hour brick on Saturday in which I am looking forward to! All work points to Nationals and a spot on the podium!

In other news I would like to welcome my three newest sponsors that I have recently signed contracts with. They include Fluid Muscle recovery drinks, out of our own San Luis Obispo, CA. Rudy Project Sunglasses and Helmets, and last but definitely not least MCS Custom Bicycle Saddles! I look forward to working with each of you as my career progresses!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Life and Times of a Triathlete: Week of 6/12/11 Update

Life and Times of a Triathlete: Week of 6/12/11 Update: "Hey everyone this is my first weekly update coming to you all. Nothing too exciting to post today, I did receive a Corneal Abrasion on Wedne..."

Week of 6/12/11 Update

Hey everyone this is my first weekly update coming to you all. Nothing too exciting to post today, I did receive a Corneal Abrasion on Wednesday, unfortunately i got some gravel in my eye while i was riding recently. That has sidelined me from the pool until this coming Monday. I also got to wear my sunglasses at work all day yesterday because my eyes were so sensitive to the light. Luckily I won't be needing to do that anymore! This weekend I have two lactate tests one bike for 30 minutes the other run for 30 minutes. I will post again Sunday with my first video and a released racing schedule for the remainder of July and up until National Championships in August! Feel free to leave any questions for me I will do my best to answer any and all!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2011 Silicon Valley International Triathlon 5/12/11

This weekend three of my close friends and I made the trek up to lovely San Jose, CA for the Silicon Valley Triathlon. We arrived on friday night quite late, checked into the hotel and crashed out! Saturday morning was rather eventful. I woke up early and my good friend Antonio accompanied me for a wake up jog to get loose and just keep the heart going. After chasing some wild turkeys we headed back to the hotal for breakfast and the rest of the day. After a few minutes to calm down we all headed over to Lake Almaden to pickup my packet and to preview the bike course. On the way to the packet pickup we were joking about how cool it would be to get the number 1 bib. I came close this time, I was number 6. We next went and did course preview but it took us 20 minutes to get on the course because we had gotten lost looking for the start of it never a good sign haha. The course was flat and fast but there was a 1 mile climb at about mile 15 and that was a little worrisome but then i remembered it would be advantageous for me. Next we drove around for 5 hours looking for a aero helmet. Apparently it is a specialized product but we were able to find one at the last store in town and at first they didn't have my size then somehow they got ahold of one in the very back of the storage. The rest of the day was rather uneventful. Sunday morning was race day I ended up doing extremely well i exited the water second behind one elite athlete. I fell back a little bit on the bike and was passed by 9 people. Getting onto the run I passed one athlete and was passed by one athlete. I remained in tenth place for the remainder of the race. I ended up with a time of 2:09:27. i dropped twenty minutes from my previous Olympic distance race. I finished in 10th out of 800 athletes and 2nd in my age group. below are some pictures taken of me from my good friend Dean.

Mounting Line

Getting Moving!

Intense Face

Mile 1 of the Run

the First Aide station

My best Friend Jeremiah Handing water!

Quick Cool Down Coach Dave and his wife in backround

Finishing Chute

Final Push!

Still Intense

The Finish

After Race Hydration


2nd place age group!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My first Triathlon!!! Morro Bay Triathlon

June 5th 2011, today was my first race as a full time triathlete. I had quite a successful outing! I raced the sprint distance race and won the overall age group title, the 20-24 age group title and qualified for National Championship's this August in Burlington, Vermont. I was first out of the water with a minute lead on second place, I went into the bike ride knowing that would be the weakest point of my race, I lasted for 10 miles before being passed by two athletes in my race. I kept them in site for the final two miles of the ride and came into the transition in third place but i had a quick transition to move back into first and duel it out with one other athlete for the remaining 5 K run to end up winning by 22 seconds. Below is the posted article about the Morro Bay Triathlon with a good picture of me and another athlete pounding it out on the run course for the championship! http://www.tolosapress.com/managed_files/cms/BNWebIssue060911.pdf

Me Taking the Lead under the grove trees to secure the win I'm on the left!

Me taking my first podium at morro bay!