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Hello, My name is Casey Bateman. I am a professional triathlete on the Belize National Team. I am currently working on making the 2016 Olympic Team and the 2018 Commonwealth Games Team. I came from a swimming background in the USA and have since switched my focus to triathlon.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Catch UP!

Hello All,
Sorry for the delay in updatesit has been a very hectic couple of weeks so i'm back to weekly updates and race reports! first and foremost i will bullet below some of the past highlights

  • San Luis Obispo Triathlon (DNF) unfortunately after creating a three minute lead ahead of past collegiate champion I was hit by a car on the bike course 2 blocks into the race. after a trip to the ER we determined i had a gradeII separation in my shoulder a sprained ankle and sprained toe as well as a bit of road rash.
  • Picked up a new Premiere sponsor: Endurance Films Racing team check them out at endurancefilms.com
  • 2 weeks following the accident I was racing again at the Santa Maria Tri-The-Bull super sprint race, where i placed 1st overall and age group while breaking the course record by more than 5 minutes.
  • 2011 USA Triathlon National Championships: final time (2:09:04) top 95th percentile on swim with only a week swimming under the belt due to the accident. Great showing finished in the top 10 % overall and was invited to first elite race!
  • 9/11/11: first trail race 10 K lopez lake run first place overall by two minutes final time 0:44:12
Currently i'm 13 days out from my first elite race at the LA triathlon where i will be fighting for a top three spot at the Toyota Cup to earn a spot the Following week at the Dallas Toyota Cup National Championship! My bike is getting faster and faster every week which has improved my run fitness dramatically and i'm returning to form is the pool as well. Check out below for picture from national championships with my new kit form endurance films

1771 Run
1771 Bike
1771 Bike
1771 Bike
1771 Swim

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